You can download binaries of various things I have written here. I can provide the source code as well upon request. To download click on the title of the application.

Name Version Screenshot


  • Simple Java library for rapid prototyping of algorithms with graphic output
  • Initialises a canvas in just two lines of code with zoom, drag-and-move and single click screen-shot
  • Saves your time (and swearing) if you want to try something with graphics quickly
  • Small (less than 150 kB) and fast tool, follows the KISS principle
  • Developed with focus on clean design, uses the Builder pattern for readable code
  • Highly customizable, feel free to download and modify for your needs
 2.0, 2014-10-07  Minuscule_2.0_screen

Magic Grapher

This application searches for magical labelling of regular graph with the given properties.

1.0, 2012-04-17  MagicGrapher_screen


This software generates random basic math exercises and tests you.

0.2.2, 2012-08-01  Mathex_screen


Filters numbers within the specified range according to the criteria. Very useful for cracking exercises, such as “Find the smallest palindrome which has got digit product equal to 12.”

3.0, 2012-08-08  Numitator_screen

Kvíz Czechia

This is not entirely my work, only upgrade and modification of Mišo Kováč’s work. Used at Pikomat math camps. Only in Czech/Slovak.

1.0, 2012-06-19  Kviz_screen